About us

AgRI International is a US company, headquartered in Delaware since 2017. The company brings over 200 years of collective experience in the global agricultural market. AgRI International provides turnkey agricultural solutions that cover the entire supply chain from feasibility, to farm design, engineering, implementation, and if needed, value-added processing, logistics planning and distribution.

No matter how unique or challenging your need is, you can count on us to find the right solution for you.

  • Comprehensive engagement by skilled experts
  • Experience throughout the world
  • Experience building productive enterprises from the most basic of brownfields
  • Expertise in business development and planning

About Us

Services & Products

Our team of experts have experience throughout the world developing state-of-the-art dairy facilities, growing conventional row crops and organic crops, creating customized plant nutrition products, and developing animal feeds for cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, beef, sheep and other ruminant and nonruminant animals.
All teams of experts have hands-on experience and learned our farm craft in the United States. With this base of experience, we have applied our knowledge and skills, hands-on, in such places as: Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Central and South America Finland, Estonia, Egypt, Indonesia, and China.
Moreover, we have experience building productive enterprises from the most basic of brownfields where attention to detail and the needs of the soil are paramount to launch a productive and integrated farming operation.


  1. Comprehensive engagement by skilled experts
  2. Experience throughout the world
  3. Business plan development
  4. Project implementation
  5. Value added processing

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