Dirk Parkinson

Dirk ParkinsonFor 35 years Dirk has been the owner and operator of Parkinson Seed Farm, growing, marketing and delivering 25,000 tons of potato seed annually. His farm has delivered potato seed to most of the major seed producing states in the United States.

Dirk has been involved in the production of Mini Tubers as well as GI thru GIII seed potatoes classes, and he has spent years in the selection of different lines of potato varieties to improve yield and quality characteristics.

Over an 8-year period (2006-2014), Dirk served on the board of directors of the Idaho State seed certification agency… In addition, he served a 3-year term as an Idaho representative of Potatoes USA (2014-2017).

Dirk has been involved with potato seed sales and production of potatoes throughout South and Central America (Chile, Brazil, Nicaragua), the Middle East (Egypt), North Africa (Algeria), Southeast Asia (Thailand) and Russia.

Dirk is fluent in Spanish